Informative Home Page

WorshipRoot provides an informative "dashboard" style homepage for your users. You can post news and information updates, and helpful sidebar gives your team members a quick heads up of upcoming services they are scheduled for. Additionally, any new song you add to the database can be flagged as "new" to give your team members a chance to start getting familiar with it right away.

Centralized Song Library

WorshipRoot provides you with a place to centralize your song library. Accessible from anywhere you have internet access, and with lots of handy features, the song library is a core feature of WorshipRoot that will certainly make your life a lot easier. WorshipRoot can transpose chord sheets for you, and provides a place to upload more complex charts in PDF format, as well as mp3s of rehearsal tracks.

Manage Your Team Members

From basic contact info to roles performed and membership on regular teams, WorshipRoot gives you the tools to track and manage anyone involved in your worship ministry.

Simple Scheduling

The feature that ties it all together... WorshipRoot is first and foremost a tool to create and manage your weekend schedules. A simple drag and drop interface allows you to create setlists and rosters, with a lot of customization available for things specifying team member roles, special notes about certain songs, and scheduling extra rehearsals.

Involved Developers

Everyone on the WorshipRoot development team is actively involved in church worship ministry. We use WorshipRoot on a weekly basis at our own church and are constantly looking for ways to make our own lives easier. We love getting feedback from our customers, and any feature we've added to WorshipRoot has been added to address a real-world need.